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Don't just survive.

Holistic healing practices to help you feel like you again.


Feeling vibrant, safe & free in your body

Empowered & uplifted by your thoughts

Feeling energised to take on anything

With unshakable confidence and trust in your Intuition and Self

Grounded & resilient, able to adapt to stressful situations

In flow with life & connected in your relationships

Imagine LIVING your life...

Stuck with chronic symptoms, illness or pain

Overwhelmed & held back by anxiety or self-doubt

Disconnected from yourself & those around you

Permanently exhausted from low energy or digestive symptoms

Caught in a cycle of overthinking or emotional chaos

Triggered by people & things you can't explain

If you're TIRED of feeling...

Hi, I’m Cornelia.

And I’ve been where you are right now.

Chronic illness left me hopeless, in pain and drained of all energy. I tried all the treatments, remedies and self-care under the sun, but nothing worked.


I felt defeated, lost and a million miles away from the person I had once been - until I started working with my energy and subconscious mind.


It was only once I learned to let go of the things that had been holding me back, that I rediscovered the light.

Learning these holistic energy healing techniques felt like the biggest revelation. It brought me back home to myself and the magic of life!


I’m now trained in Mind Body Spirit Release (MSBR), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT also known as tapping), therapeutic yoga and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).


Having witnessed their power firsthand, my greatest mission now is to help other women who feel the way I once did get their spark – and their lives - back.

Are you fed up with constantly trying to find a solution to your chronic symptoms? Stuck in a cycle of stress? Struggling to believe that you will ever feel healthier and happier again?

If you’re feeling lost and not sure where to turn next, mind-body medicine could be the answer.

Whether you need support with physical or emotional pain, I look beyond the surface of your struggles and symptoms, helping you reconnect with the old you.


Because health is about so much more than your physical body. Unaddressed emotional stress can manifest in our bodies in a variety of ways – often without us ever realising.


Using a combination of holistic energy healing techniques, I help you harness the power of your inner energy, subconscious mind and body to discover the hidden imbalances and blocks that could be the root cause of your problems – or, at the very least, holding back your recovery.

Together we will painlessly dissolve past traumas and stresses, so that transformation, growth and healing can unfold.

Because only when you’re in deep subconscious alignment, balance and flow on the inside, can you unlock the change you wish to see on the outside and move forwards to a happier, healthier life.

I'm here to help you:

the unresolved emotions, subconscious beliefs, imbalances and stress blocking your path to well-being.


your mind and body, releasing inner blocks, stuck energy and tensions to create space for deep healing and alignment.


the happy, healthy life you truly deserve by empowering you with tools and practices to manage stress, create emotional resilience and cultivate balance.


‘Wow, I’m not sure how this all really works, but Cornelia always helps me let go and balance exactly what is needed in the moment. I’ve learnt so much about myself working with Cornelia over the past 4 months and feel like I actually have the tools to make changes’.

Cornelia always helps me to let go and balance exactly what is needed in the moment.

~ C.P.


Discover, expand and reconnect to Yourself

Short yet deep explorations and inspirations for healing your Body, Mind and Soul, from the inside out.

Identifying and reprogramming subconscious beliefs: How to take charge of your life again

Identify and reprogramme your subconscious beliefs to help you beat chronic pain, illness and get back to the real you

Unlocking the Power of Your Subconscious Mind with Muscle Testing

Understand what Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology) is, the science behind it & how I use it with holistic healing clients to unlock their subconscious.

9 Truths About Healing from Chronic & Mystery Illness

Looking back on my own healing journey, there are lessons I had to learn so today I’m sharing 9 truths I’ve learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

The Hidden Influence of Trapped Emotions on Your Health and Healing

Instead of our emotions flowing through us freely, they might have got stuck in our body. But why does this happen and how does this impact us?

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‘I started working with Cornelia because of my trouble sleeping, but ended up getting so much more from of our sessions. Not only has my sleep greatly improved, but I feel more settled, happier and like I actually have control over my life. Thank you!’

I feel more settled, happier and like I actually have control over my life...

~ A.H.


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