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My healing practices for your Transformation

There are no limits to what you can achieve when you work with the power of your energy and subconscious mind.


I use a powerful blend of energy work, somatic practices and subconscious reprogramming tools to help with your healing process.


You can read more about the individual techniques below.

Mind Body Spirit Release (MBSR™)

MBSR™ clears subconscious blocks and trauma which may be causing you physical, mental or emotional distress and resistance. It is a holistic healing therapy that allows you to painlessly access and clear blocks and cellular imprints from negative experiences, as well as unprocessed emotions and trauma held deeply in the subconscious mind and body that are limiting your innate ability to reach your goals and heal. It encourages self-awareness and improves your ability to self-regulate in times of stress.

My Holistic Healing tools for your Transformation.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT works with your body’s energy pathways to dissolve mental, emotional and physical stress at the core level. Using guided tapping on acupressure points and a repetitive script, it works by discharging physical and emotional stress at the root and rewires the brain and body’s stress response. EFT empowers you to change your limiting beliefs and invite calm and healing into the body and mind.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP uses the power of your focus, language and mind to consciously install new positive habits that support your healing. Using a range of models and tools, including mental exercises, empowering language and visualisations, it can consciously interrupt and break unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and patterns to shift you into safety and stability and create new helpful healing pathways.

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga empowers you to invite balance in the body and consciously regulate your autonomic nervous system. It is a powerful body-based model that allows you to gently soothe and (re)establish a healthy nervous system response by discharging physical and emotional stress. Through guided gentle moves and practices, you learn to stimulate and strengthen the health of the vagus nerve, the bi-directional information highway between mind and body.

Disclaimer: Spring Leaf Healing is not a medical facility. All tools and modalities used do not diagnose, treat or prescribe, nor are they meant to take the place of any medical/therapeutic care.

'Since I've started working with Cornelia I've seen such improvements in my digestive issues and anxiety. I'd tried everything before I found Cornelia and only realise now how much stress and worry I was holding onto.  Never did I think that  I could live a normal life again and now thanks to Cornelia I am hopeful again.'

Never did I think I could live a normal life again and now thanks to Cornelia I am hopeful again.

~ Corinne



  • In its simplest form, it is an approach to wellness that focuses on you as a whole and integrates the many layers that influence your health and wellbeing.


    Offerings are a blend of emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic support, with the goal to maintain and restore balance and facilitate healing of the root cause of imbalances.

  • You will feel seen, heard, believed, supported and understood. I will guide you to uncover your blocks and empower you to create a pathway back to you.


    You’ll discover that you can change your life, that you are your own healer. I will support you but we both have to do the work.

  • I use a technique called Applied Kinesiology, aka Muscle testing. It is a form of Binary biofeedback, in which the body's natural stress response to a stimulus is identified and measured through the body’s muscles.


    Our muscles are controlled by our nerves and muscles respond differently to different nerve messages. We can use muscle strength as a method to understand what strengthens ( is in resonance with) and what weakens (is in dissonance with) our nervous system. There’s no magic involved; it’s simply interpreting nerve signals.


    Using muscle testing as part of your healing journey, we can identify emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks that are encoded in the subconscious mind and body and impacting your homeostasis.

    It helps bring insight as to what is holding us back on an energetic plane, minimize stress to the nervous system, and create a new path forward.

  • When working remotely with clients, I use my own nervous system to facilitate the testing for someone else, which is called proxy testing. This is possible due to the principle of non-locality, or quantum entanglement.


    It describes the ability of two atoms/particles to be influenced instantaneously by another from any distance, space or time, with no visible exchange of force or energy, once they have had some form of contact (either physically, in person or virtually). We are all connected!

  • Depending on what resonates with your nervous system, I use either tapping or a cold laser light, which is shone painlessly on specific reflex and acupuncture point/ meridian points and organs of the body.


    Both activate the neurological and endocrine systems and disrupt the stress response, helping to calm the nervous system and support the subconscious mind to release negative stored associations with the stressors. Once the stress response has been reduced, more energy can be focused on the body's innate self-healing process and your subconscious and conscious mind find alignment with your intention.


    When working remotely, my body acts as a proxy for yours, facilitating the release, as I am connected to your nervous system. The clearing is just as effective (if not even more at times as I act as a neutral vehicle for a strong release) as if we were doing the clearing directly on you in-person.

  • No, you can work with me at any stage of your journey.

  • Every healing journey looks different. We are all unique and carry unique lived experiences so there is no set number of sessions you will need to accomplish your goals.


    Some of my clients experience great results in one session, however most see significant shifts and sustained benefits from 3-5 sessions. It’s good to remember that we are complex beings with many layers, that can take some time to uncover. I find that each session allows you to go a little deeper.


    The Mind body healing tools and practices I teach you work effectively, yet must be practiced many times between the sessions. It is important to practice, believe and trust in the process.

  • All sessions run Online via Zoom.

  • No, you don’t need to be spiritual to pursue a healing journey with me.


    As a practitioner and coach, I work with and welcome people of all different belief systems.

    While some of the healing practices have their roots in ‘spiritual’ concepts, they are also grounded in quantum physics and neuroplasticity. All I ask is that you arrive and stay open-minded to all possibilities.

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