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We all have emotions - it’s part of what makes us human! Our emotions help us make sense of our life experiences, act as our messengers, connect us to others and so much more.

Every day, we experience more than 400 emotions, both consciously and subconsciously. They come and go yet some of the emotions that we thought we had left behind can still be affecting us today without us realising. Instead of flowing through us freely, they might have got stuck in our bodies.

But why does this happen and how does this impact you? Let me share this with you...

So, what are emotions, really?

Everything in the universe is made from energy – yes even you and the solid table next to you are held together by atoms – and emotions are no exception! You can think of emotions as big balls of energy in motion. Most forms of energy around us we can’t actually see, though we may be able to perceive and sometimes feel it. Like hearing the music that’s produced by the soundwaves from our speakers.

And that’s also true of our emotions.

Think back to a time you’ve walked into a room where two people have been arguing - you likely felt the tension in the air long before you noticed their body language was closed-off.

Every emotion has a unique energetic frequency that vibrates at different levels in different parts of our body, and we can feel that within ourselves and perceive it from others.

That's why when you're in love, you might feel all warm and fuzzy in your heart and chest, but when you're anxious, your stomach gets all tight and tense. It's all emotional energy.

Particles representing warm and fuzzy emotions

We need to let go of our emotions, not hold onto them

Emotions don’t come out of nowhere. They are shaped by our experiences in the moment and by the information stored in our bodies and minds from past events. When they are free-flowing, we feel them, we may or may not notice them, and then they are released. The process is light and easy, even if the emotion is heavy.

Take a movie, for example. Have you ever watched a sad movie, felt upset and then forgot about it a few hours later? This is because you’ve processed the emotions brought up by the movie and have let the emotion - so the energy - go.

For some reason or another, this doesn’t always happen.

We may have learnt to suppress our emotions, control our anger or hide our grief in our early years to fit in or earn love from others. Or we may tend to avoid too extreme, intense or overwhelming emotions by burying and denying them when we have the capacity to fully feel them.

Why emotions get stuck isn’t always so clear yet what is clear is that...

When we fail to fully acknowledge, process and discharge our emotions, they can become trapped as low and slow vibrational energy in our brain and body.

How trapped emotions impact healing and well-being

While higher vibrational energy promotes healing, makes us feel lighter, happier and attracts more positivity into our lives, low vibrational energy from trapped emotions can make us feel heavier, darker and weighed down.

They can affect our mood, mind, quality of life…and cells! They can affect the way we think about ourselves, show up in our relationships and how we react to stress.

Think about trapped emotions like lugging around suitcases from every difficult event you've gone through and eventually the load gets too heavy for your body (and mind!) not to be affected by it.

Emotions settle in different organs and glands, changing their tissue, preventing their optimal functioning and limiting our self-healing capacity. Mentally, we can get emotionally trapped in the event that we were experiencing, causing us to feel the same pain and react excessively to similar situations now and in the future.

Addressing our trapped emotions is a vital part of healing and getting our physical, mental and emotional health back on track. IT ALLOWS US TO GET BACK TO WHO WE TRULY ARE.

Taking your next steps

We are all human beings and carry emotional baggage. Call it baggage, trauma, or depression, many of us struggle to let go of difficult emotions and experiences. Finding and releasing those trapped emotions can lead to big changes in how you feel and behave, in the choices you make, and in the results you see in your healing journey.

There are lots of ways to let go of trapped emotions, including meditation, intentional movement and breathwork, and energy work. And while some trapped emotions will release quickly, some take a while to uncover and dislodge, especially if they have become attached to limiting beliefs.

If you think you may be struggling with emotional baggage and want to feel lighter and more free in your healing journey, why not get in touch with me here to discover the ways I can help you in releasing your baggage gently and permanently?

With love,

Cornelia x

The Hidden Influence of Trapped Emotions on Your Health and Healing

Instead of our emotions flowing through us freely, they might have got stuck in our body. But why does this happen and how does this impact us?

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